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Port Aransas Hurricane

Hurricane Damaged Port Aransas Fire Department to receive fire truck on emergency loan from Texas A&M Forest Service

PORT ARANSAS, Texas — Port Aransas Fire Department is set to receive a fire truck on loan from Texas A&M Forest Service on Friday, Sept. 29 to temporarily replace one damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey devastated the Port Aransas Fire Department leaving it without a single fire truck and many of the firefighters have […]

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ducks Going down this weekend for a cast and blast.  I havent been down since the summer.  Y'all seeing any ducks around down there?  Ive been hunting down there for a while but never this early…I usually don't make it down till christmas.  Just trying to find out if there are ducks down there this […]

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Re: TOPWATERS i will agree…. and they work great in some wind…. i caught 5 25 inch trout in febuary/march on that big ol plug… all caught and released!! thought i might add that!!… its a heavy one to throw through!! but worth it!! stopped throwing that big sucker and havent caught another 25 inch […]

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Re: Kingfish If you're not going out to the shrimp boats for ling, you have to find structure.  Ling are an incredibly structure oriented fish: unless on the rare chance you sneak up on an ocean running school.  In all my offshore experience, that's only happened once for me. Kingfish: well, you're on the right […]

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