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Port Aransas Hurricane

Hurricane Damaged Port Aransas Fire Department to receive fire truck on emergency loan from Texas A&M Forest Service

PORT ARANSAS, Texas — Port Aransas Fire Department is set to receive a fire truck on loan from Texas A&M Forest Service on Friday, Sept. 29 to temporarily replace one damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey devastated the Port Aransas Fire Department leaving it without a single fire truck and many of the firefighters have […]

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Traveling to Mansfield tomorrow, any help is appreciated!

Re: Traveling to Mansfield tomorrow, any help is appreciated! I agree with putawaywet's reply, in fishing “the lights,” smaller, lighter lures have usually worked better for me–that's why flies work well.  Another effective lure is the Yozuri Crystal Minnow in the clear version, or the 2″ Finesse jerkbait in Ice color rigged in tandem with […]

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New to Mission

Re: New to Mission Welcome to the best fishing destination in the world!–literally Kayaking is a very popular option rather than simply walking in.  Academy has some very reasonably priced kayaks in the 300 to 500 dollar range. However, if you want to walk-in….take 100, or 48, towards Padre Island and from laguna vista on…look […]

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kayaks hey everybody first time poster here…..well let me get down to the question.  i will be back home in the valley and staying at the “liars lagoon” with my family.  im in military and stationed in virginia so i only get to visit south texas about twice a year, but anyway i was wondering […]

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Being a Guide

Re: Being a Guide AdamBeing a part time guide will be as productive as your ability to be an effective marketer, teacher,conservationist,fisherman and people person!. As far as competiton amongst local guides the same goes for them. Just being a good fisherman does not assure you success in the guide business. The only REAL ADVICE […]

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Re: worms!? ChasinTail The wind fans look like they started 1 month early this year. Just plain BLOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The fishing has been above average on quality but the warm waters have the big ones scarce. We have caught a number up to 29 but their overall weight is less than what it should be. I don't […]

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