1st time 🙁

well my first wading experience wasnt what i expected. my buddies and i lost a couple trouts that we almost landed, we were out there from about 6AM to about 3pm trying different lures and doing the stingray shuffle! in the morning we felt what we thought were bites but could never hook anything, something would give us a nice tug.. we werent sure what it was if it was a fish, seaweed of just current. although when we went in for a second try we noticed that we werent getting the same tug.. it seemed kinda dead. can someone explain? or had the same situation.?

some other questions?
-whens the best time to wade? morning ? noon? night?
-bay or surf?
-should we be looking for 4 feet of water? or 3 feet? what kind of depth?
-another thing we noticed is that when we jumping into the water we had mud for a good while until we got far enought out there, should we wait till we get to the sand or consider fishing in the muddy water with the little seaweed that was there ? what should we look for? and why?

any good off shore wading spots we can hit up with out a boat.!?!?!?