Finally back to Fishing — February 1, 2012

Well, finally we have the Boat and Fishing shows behind us. Capt.’s Ted, Mitch and others have been carrying on while I was stuck at the shows. What can I say but our fishery is the best on ALL THE GULF COAST= 5 WORKED!!!

Prior to my leaving the first of Jan. I had a world class day. Without taking a step I caught a 31, 29 and a 28 ½, not my best overall day but ranks along with the best two days I have ever had.
All three fish were caught on the new Kick-a-Mullet by Egret Tackle.

These baits actually go on sale on the web this week at All I can say is take a look. I have been fishing them on an All-star 6’6’ Med Light on 10# test with a Revo reel 5 to 1 speed. Like you have heard many times before” Wintertime fish Slow and SLOWER.

Our fish are in the winter time patterns. Look for dark bottoms with soft mud and grass nearby. Also if there is not a few mullet in the area best more. When you find these conditions and mullet stay put the trout will finally start hitting and you might be surprised what you catch. Please remember turn those big mommas loose so someone else might catch them and give them the ability to pass on their genes. If you catch a personal best, yes, I agree people who want to mount them by all means go ahead. I will, say a replica looks as good and holds up better than a skin mount. Do what you feel you want to and be proud to exhibit that trophy.

I’m back in full fishing mode now and will post more pictures and reports as time allows.

For you grass carp chasers, yes we have been catching plenty of reds. Watch our site for more pictures as we can, we will post.

Remember keep the little ones to eat and let the big ones go to pass on their genes.